Should a community accept a business that will generate economic growth at a cost? More specifically, should Mercersburg accept a farm that will generate tremendous economic growth at the cost of its environment and smell? These are many of the concerns that we have heard from the community and we at Mercer-Vu Farms Inc. answer that question with a resounding NO! We live in this community with our families and desire a dairy that is both odorless and friendly to the environment. That is why we have invested a large portion of our planning phase in the design of a manure system that will be nutrient and odor friendly. We again, encourage you to revisit the nutrient and odor control section of this site. Revisit the NCS web page and we are confident that you too will agree that this dairy will not smell bad or have any negative effects on the environment. This expansion will help us to achieve our goals and remain consistent with our mission statement:


To produce high quality milk efficiently, safely, and profitably as to benefit management, employees, cows, the environment and the community in which we live.