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Just the facts.  A brief overview...


We are a modern, family owned and operated dairy farm in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania.  We, along with our wonderful staff of employees, work hard to...


Produce high quality milk as to benefit the people, the cows, the environment and the community in which we live.

The Animals
We currently milk 1600 cows at our dairy in Mercersburg, Pennsylvania and 1500 cows at our dairy in White Post, Virginia.  We have about 300 dry cows bringing total mature cows to 3200.  We have about 2750 head of youngstock that we raise as well.  We produce over 30,000 gallons of milk per day and have received milk quality awards since 2006 from our milk co-op Land O Lakes.  We have been through many animal welfare audits (FARM and their third party verification).  The cows are what provide so their care is our primary focus.
The Land
We currently farm about 5000 acres all for providing feed for our animals.  We double crop rye and triticale with corn and we also grow alfalfa.  We put up about 45,000 tons of corn silage, 7500 tons of alfalfa, 8500 tons of rye/triticale and 80,000 bushels of high moisture corn for our dairy herd.  All of our ground is included in approved nutrient management plans.  We have many other conservation tools we utilize such as cover crops, soil sampling and the latest technologies in variable rate applications/planting, satellite imagery, etc.  Much like cows, that land is what provides feed for our animals so its care is a primary focus of our operations.
The People
We have 60 full time and several part-time employees.  These positions include milkers, cow pushers, maternity/calf, feeders, herds people, mechanics, machinery operators, truck drivers, milk truck drivers and outside personnel.  People do make a difference and without their hard work and dedication Mercer Vu would not be what it is today.  Mercer Vu is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week operation and people are what makes it go around.
The Facility
Cows are housed in freestall barns where they spend a majority of their time.  Cows in Mercersburg are bedded with recycled sand and the the cows at White Post, along with youngstock and dry cows are bedded on recycled manure solids.  Manure is separated and what is not used for bedding is composted for fertilizer.  Cows are milked in a double 28 herringbone at Mercersburg and a double 24 herringbone at White Post.  All milk is instant cooled and loaded on milk trailers.  Feed is stored in bunker silos and silage pads.  Our facilities are designed around animal comfort, labor efficiency and environmental friendliness.  
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